Will Luers




In my own drafting and redrafting of a digital poetics and practice, I am drawn to work that tries to pluralize narrative sequence. If an idea or story can be generated from a single semiotic sequence, what might be generated with multiple, simultaneous and linked sequences in an interface? How does a non-linear juxtaposition of micro-narratives alter our sense of time and space? What new narrative forms can we grow with our computational tools? Most of my material is captured and remixed from daily life, but it is in post-production (editing, programming, collaging) that I try to push beyond continuity to open up a temporal and spatial sense that is multiple and generative.


Will Luers is digital media artist and writer living in Portland,Oregon. In the Creative Media & Digital Culture program at Washington State University Vancouver, he teaches multimedia authoring, creative programming, digital storytelling and digital cinema. His art works have been exhibited internationally and selected for various festivals and conferences, including the Electronic Literature Organization, FILE(Brazil) and ISEA. In 2016, his collaboration with Hazel Smith and Roger Dean (motions), was selected for the ELO Collection Volume 3.


w l u e r s @ g m a i l . com
5 0 3 - 9 7 5 - 3 2 5 4


Digital Storytelling
The class explores theories and forms of digital narrative – textual, visual/auditory, cinematic, hypermedial, database – to arrive at an integrated approach to creating networked, multilinear and multimedia stories.
Digital Cinema
The class focuses on the technical, aesthetic and narrative skills for making short-form web video.
Advanced Multimedia Authoring
Introduction to web programming (Javascript and jQuery), responsive web design and scroll animation.
Multimedia Authoring
Introduction to web design using HTML5 & CSS3.
Mobile Tech Research Initiative Summer 2011
Student-led creation of an iPhone app using HTML5, CSS3 and the jQuery Mobile Framework.
Remix Culture
Remix as art and cultural practice.
Narrative Walks
Designed and authored walks using video, audio, GPS devices and mapping tools.