Collage Cinema

Pixel Glitch Hotel

(made for Mark Amerika's Remixthebook project)

Mark Amerika's art and writing practice is for me an invention, a philosophy, a tease, a manifesto and a nudge to remix life's semiotic debris. So as soon as I saw the source material for the project, the video of his text animations and "lectures", I knew that I needed to get busy capturing data.

I was in a hotel room, switching channels, thinking these thoughts when I picked up my camera and began recording the surface of the TV. Pixel and glitch aesthetics weaken the spell of the digital image, but open so many unexplored possibilities of language/image construction. This is exactly the space where Mark Amerika works. Post-production is a decomposition and re-compostion, in my case through a randomly generated grid, until a concept, a pattern or design finds its form.

4.39 minutes, 2011, single channel video video by Will Luers: voice and performance by Mark Amerika: